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The final rough idea for the Wolf, howling at the moon,
the moon will be a circular knotwork pattern in white,
I sketched out various ideas for the Wolf, from laying
down, sitting to standing, finally deciding on this, a Wolf
stood howling with the moon in the background,
something I reasoned would be easily recognisable as a
wolf from even a quick glance. This was emailed to the
customer for approval before I added the next stage.
The customer happy with the Wolf,  the Dragon was next,
Now bearing in mind Dragon’s don’t exist, (no apologies) I
had only other peoples ideas to work from ,(and a working
knowledge of Pern), admittedly a vast number, from Eastern
to Western ideas, I decided on a more ‘Western’ idea of a
Dragon, it suits mine, and the customers heritage, so after
numerous pages of ideas, (I tend not to keep scraps of paper
I doodle on) the Dragon here was the final design, I loved it,
so the rough draft was sent to the customer.
The customer seemed to love the Dragon as much as I did so
it was onto the Raven, I have a fondness for members of the
Corvid family, my favourite being the European Magpie, I
remember the rhyme from when I was a child, One for sorrow,
Two for joy.. etc, there is also an old  country ‘habit’ of
saluting them, with the phrase ‘Beer for the troops and whisky
for the Officers sir’ which seems to date from the First World
War (I’ve heard it in Yorkshire and seen it written in a couple
of books but no reason why).
Given the limited available space and to keep all three
animals/birds/mythical creatures in balance I had to basically
use the colouring to represent the Raven, with a bigger piece
I could have gone for wings outstretched giving the typical and
recognisable wings and tail in flight of the Raven,
The Raven approved by the customer it’s time to go for the
final outlining. Here it is with the Wolf, Dragon and Raven
with the knotwork moon and the knotwork background drawn
out. This is again sent to the customer for approval, along with
a list of ideas for colours for each part.
The finished painting.